Practical webinar

The Future of Smart and Sustainable Property and Technical Facility Management: Big Data & AI

Live session with HiPer it!

Webinar by

Arseny Tarasov,
HiPer it!, CEO

Denis Ivanov,

18th of July
16:00 GMT+2 - Online
Attendance: free
This webinar explores the evolving landscape of property management and how big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are shaping its future. Join us as we delve into practical applications that can optimise costs, improve tenant and staff satisfaction, and guide data-driven decision-making.

Key takeaways:
⭐️ Discover how big data and AI can be leveraged to streamline energy consumption and achieve Net Zero goals.
⭐️ Learn strategies to enhance tenant and staff satisfaction through data-driven insights.
⭐️ Explore the practical implementation of big data analytics for informed property and facility management decision-making.

Webinar agenda:
Introduction: The evolving landscape of smart property management
Big Data and AI: Transforming efficiency and sustainability in real-time with HiPer it! platform.
Optimising energy consumption with real-time data analysis - case study.
Enhancing tenant and staff satisfaction through the Ordin platform
Implementing big data-driven decision-making in facilities and tenant management tools.
Q&A Session

Arseniy Tarasov, Board Member EU TECH Chamber; CEO HiPer it! - Germany
Denis Ivanov, CEO & Founder ORDIN - Estonia

This webinar is a must-attend for property and facility management professionals looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of smart property management.

Meet the speaker
Denis Ivanov
Denis has 10-year experience in digital Facility Management transformation across EU, CIS and Middle Asia, working with 10 mln m2 portfolio owned and hosted by BOSCH, ENKA, Rakeen Management, Fosagro, PwC, WeWork and many others.

LinkedIn Top facility management voice

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