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PDF Guide for Requests block, part 1. Reactive Maintenance. General information, requests statuses and routing.
PDF Guide for Requests block, part 2. Reactive Maintenance. How to set Services and Request Categories for the project.
PDF Guide for Preventive Maintenance block. How to add and set groups of systems, systems, equipment, frequencies. Settings for automatical generation of work orders and much more.
PDF Guide for Inspections block. How to set Inspection Scheduler and fulfil inspection issues in the ORDIN mobile app.
Гайд по модулю Реактивное обслуживание и заявки на русском языке
Гайд по модулю Плановое обслуживание на русском языке

Preventive maintenance in ORDIN CAFM. Step by step tutorial.

Preventive maintenance scheduling. Video tutorial for beginners

Preventive maintenance scheduling. Roles model for preventive and reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance in ORDIN CAFM. Video tutorial for beginners

Working with CSAT customer satisfaction score in ORDIN CAFM. Video tutorial for beginners

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