Preventive Maintenance Schedule Done Simple in Ordin CAFM. Live Hands-On Session.

Speaker Denis Ivanov
30th of May - 17:00 GMT+2 - Online

Life training session for setting up and monitoring preventive maintenance plan for an commercial facilities.

Last year changed the facility management industry a lot. New rules are exposed in different countries every week and affect our business. Facility management teams have to adapt very fast. And this is really challenging. The engineers, technicians, and supervisors' talent and time became the most valuable asset for commercial real estate managers. And those who can do more with less personnel win.

Learn how top FM companies create and monitor their preventive maintenance plans in 45 minute live demo.

45 minutes of real-time experience of interacting with ORDIN CAFM, including
  • Facilities typification set up
  • Works and checklists
  • Equipment service card auto-creations and QR-codes printing
  • Preventive maintenance schedule setup

After the workshop, a personal certificate for each attendee will be issued.

Denis Ivanov
Denis has 10-year experience in digital Facility Management transformation across EU, Russia and Middle Asia, working with 10 mln m2 portfolio owned and hosted by BOSCH, ENKA, Sberbank, Fos Agro, PwC, WeWork and many others.

Workshop schedule

Thursday, 30th of May
17:00 GMT +2 - Online
17:00 ā€“ 17:45
5 Digital Facility Management Trends case studies
17:45 ā€“ 17:55
Q&A on LinkedIn and YouTube
17:55 ā€“ 18:00
Final words

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