CAFM Learning and Assesment Course
The course consists of 5 modules, where you will learn to operate modern CAFM cloud software.
  • Get access to your ORDIN app account
    You will use it for practical tasks completion and practical part of exam.
  • Go through webinar recording for each topic
    For the best outcome, if you can, use your trainee ORDIN account to repeat the actions shown in the webinar.
  • Complete practical task for each topic
    Practical tasks will help consolidate knowledge and deepen understanding of the system.
  • Book a 15-minute call with a mentor for questions and tasks evaluation
    Check the practical assignment together with your mentor, ask any questions you may have.
  • On course completion pass the exam
    The examination includes both tests and practical tasks.
  • Congrats! Get validated certificate and 3-month ORDIN access license.
    Congratulations! You have completed the course and confirmed your knowledge. Enjoy working in the system!
Reactive maintenance
Themes covered
  1. General overview
  2. Requests sources: customers, colleagues and tenants
  3. Setting up Services and Work categories
  4. How to create, prioritize, manage and solve work orders
  5. Communicating in the work order chat
  6. Dashboards and Excel reports
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