Customer satisfaction monitoring in Facility management with ORDIN CAFM webinar


Webinar by Denis Ivanov,

29th of September - 17:00 GMT+3 - Online
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Live hands-on session with Denis Ivanov,
CEO and Founder of CAFM ORDIN.

Customer Satisfaction Score, also known as CSAT, is a customer loyalty metric used by companies to gauge how satisfied a customer is with a particular interaction or overall experience.

This metric goes hand in hand with great customer experience. In fact, satisfaction goes a long way⁠—just a 10% increase in a company’s CSAT score leads to a 12% increase in trust from customers.

CSAT is highly important for modern Facility management teams in order to rise revenues and attract more customers. ORDIN CAFM allowed you to collect, monitor and analyse CSAT in an easy and friendly manner.

The webinar will cover these steps:

⚙️ Recieving customer issues from their Android or Apple phone on the go.

⚙️ Getting details in a built-in chat

⚙️ Controlling SLA and avoiding overdue tasks

⚙️ Collecting client satisfaction rate

⚙️ Reporting on happy and unhappy customers

⚙️ Rating engineers and technicians on CSAT basis

Only real cases and working tools in a 45 minutes stream followed by Q&A. Would be of value to facility managers, property managers, COO and CEO of Facility and Property management companies.

After the workshop, a personal certificate for each attendee will be issued.

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Denis Ivanov
Denis has 10-year experience in digital Facility Management transformation across EU, Russia and Middle Asia, working with 10 mln m2 portfolio owned and hosted by BOSCH, ENKA, Space 1, PwC, WeWork and many others.