The Simplest Checklist Inspection
App for Real Estate

Take control of your facility and property management tasks with the ORDIN Inspections module. Our mobile app and NFC tag support simplify inspections, improve accuracy, and increase productivity, ultimately reducing costs and saving time.

Generate your own checklists and get instant reports online, in PDF and Excel format.
The Simplest Checklist Inspection App for Real Estate

Inspections app built by real estate
professionals like you.

Gain real-time visibility into asset performance, automate workflows, and reduce downtime with the most advanced computer-aided facility management system on the market.
  • Landlords

    Need to ensure their properties are safe and in compliance with regulations.

    We help simplify the inspection process, improve accuracy, and reduce liability risks.
  • Facility Managers
    Responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment and systems within a building.

    ORDIN helps them track asset performance, identify issues, and automate workflows for faster repairs and maintenance.
  • Cleaning Services
    Cleaning services companies conduct inspections to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

    ORDIN app streamlines the inspection process, improve communication with clients, and provide detailed reports for better accountability.
  • Healthcare Facilities
    Need to ensure their premises are safe and hygienic
    for patients and staff.

    Track and manage inspections schedules, ensure equipment is functioning properly, and reduce the risk of infection.
Simplified inspections with NFC tag support
The ORDIN Inspections module simplifies the inspection process for facility management teams and soft services companies by providing a mobile app that enables them to carry out inspections and record data on their mobile devices. NFC tags can be attached to equipment, rooms, or areas, making it easy to identify and track assets during inspections.
Checklists and forms tailored to your needs
You can create customized checklists and forms that fit their specific inspection requirements. This feature enables them to track and record detailed information about the condition and maintenance of assets and facilities accurately.
Incident reporting and reminders to keep you on schedule
This feature helps facility management teams and soft services companies streamline their maintenance processes and reduce the risk of breakdowns and equipment failures.

ORDIN is a cutting-edge CAFM system with a focus on simplicity and borderless onboarding

We offer your team a complete set of tools to help with facility and property management daily operations
Work on any device
ORDIN interface is responsive. Now you can stay on top of everything about projects wherever you are.
Use clear interface
We have developed an intuitive and minimalist interface that you can get used to in no time. You'll also appreciate its look and feel.
Keep project documents in order
You can attach documents and files to your assets cards, work orders and discussions to share them with your colleagues.
Work all over the world
Fully distributed worldwide? Access discussions from anywhere and communicate effectively without wasting a second.
Get monthly reports
Reports consist of all the details and data that you need. You can use them to analyze your productivity or share with colleagues.
Use multiple integrations
Integrate your work with any apps and popular services. You can integrate a huge variety of services through Hasura GraphQL or API.
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