Mobile marketplace for
office residents

The Сlient* is an operator and manager
of real estate since 2019, based in Moscow, GBA is over 1 mln sq.m.
The Company aims to provide the service beyond expectations for their clients and tenants. During the pandemia crisis in 2020-2021 they
have started searching for new development drivers, and the additional monetization from a retailers’ community of business centers appeared as a good opportunity.
The application is a place for the retailers and consumers to meet. The idea is to make this process much faster, clear and comfortable for both sides. The benefit for the retailer is an additional sales’ channel, the benefit for the consumer – the better service. And the greatest benefit belongs to the operator company, as an additional value to offer for resident companies.
The application makes the process of ordering services or buying goods needed on every-day basis simple and very fast: you just pick up a product from the app menu and then send a message to supplier with any details,
you confirm the price and terms of delivery, pay, and that’s it – flowers for your lady are just delivered, the coat looks like a new one after the laundry, and the space for the corporate event already booked. All the processes are happening inside one application. Additionally, for managing orders the supplier has an administrative interface, available both on mobile & desktop.
The Client growth profit was evaluated for 8% in the first three months after the launch. The managing office is receiving more requests from retailers & potential resident companies to join the pilot business center. The experiment was successful, so the application will be integrated to the biggest facilities of the client company.

* Please excuse us for not noticing the names of client companies due to NDA agreements.