Mobile access control app
for office center

The Client Company* is an operator and manager of real estate since 2019, based in Moscow, GBA is over 1 mln sq.m. The touchstones of a company are high-quality operation and a comfortable atmosphere, achieved through a commitment to environmental efficiency and stylish design. The company aims to provide the service beyond expectations for their clients and tenants.
To generate maximum installs of the mobile application among residents, simplify the process of access to the building for residents and guests, minimize service works for the managing office.
ORDIN uses Bluetooth and NFC technologies for mobile access plus turnstile equipment. The application consists of the app for the mobile device (iOS and Android platforms) and the admin panel. The admin panel serves for keeping the list of object access log, and gives the facility managing person the opportunity to block and release access. The mobile access label is to be generated once while entering the application for the first time, and is working while the application is active. You need to open the active label near the turnstile and check your Bluetooth on – and you are free to go.

Mobile access application makes the process of entering the building easy and seamless, excluding the fact of non-admission if the pass card is forgotten. The resident may see the status of the pass online and get the information by PUSH simultaneously, if his pass has expired or been blocked.

* Please excuse us for not noticing the names of client companies due to NDA agreements.