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Building Maintenance Checklist

Keeping a building maintenance checklist helps a long way. In this article, we will show you the upsides of it.

What is a Building Maintenance Checklist?

Building maintenance is a crucial task the owner or the building management personnel is responsible for. A real estate building has a long list of things that require regular maintenance. And the list keeps getting longer. Nowadays, the smartest thing to do would be to keep a building maintenance checklist.
A building maintenance checklist is a list of things a building requires regular check-up of. All of the elements of a building need routine maintenance checks to make sure the tenants are residing comfortably.

Things You Should Check Routinely

Building maintenance is mostly one size fit all. However, there are things that should be taken into consideration depending on the climate, building type and location. Here is the work you should do to keep your real estate building in the best and safest condition.
Power Maintenance
Inspect the power lines; see if it needs any repair. Change the wires and switches that need to be changed. Make sure to check the GFCI outlets, switchboards whether they need repair or replacements. 
Lighting Maintenance
Check all the bulbs that are installed around the building. Change the ones that are broken or fused. 
Trash and Recycle

Inspect the trash and recycle area whether the area is properly maintained and used. Make sure to keep the area clean and sanitized to prevent odor and health hazards. 
Windows and Doors
This can also be considered as ensuring security. Inspect the windows and doors are operating properly. Check the locks and change the locks, windows or doors that need replacement to prevent unauthorized entry or theft.
Plumbing Maintenance
Check for active leaks, mold, water spots, moisture puddles or molds. Also look for corrosion on the pipelines, the water pressure, whether the water heater is properly working. A regular check-up will save unwanted, sudden plumbing issues and a lot of maintenance costs.
HVAC Units

HVAC units typically last for 15 years. However, you should check whether the airflow is proper in your facility. Check the drainage, coils, and air filters.
Inspect for any interior damage. Check whether the engine requires any repair. Change the engine oil regularly and make sure the emergency call button is operating properly.
Security Systems
Check all the cameras, camera angles, test the control panels to ensure maximum building safety.

Make sure to check the installed equipment’ condition (i.e. fire alarms, smoke alarms, any Ai systems) and replace the one that is broken. Do not forget to optimize energy consumption. 
Recording the maintenance items in a spreadsheet is a great way to keep track of your real estate building’s management and facility checklist. This will save you from sudden expenditure or forgetting any of the maintenance points.

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