Top 5 Benefits of using a Facility Managing Software

Technology is there to help support us. It's supposed to remove the mundane tasks and help us improve our day to day operations. This is exceptionally true when it comes to considering facilities management software. There are so many moving parts and so many items that can go wrong, that it's a good idea to consider digitising your workflows.

Company Visibility

This is one of the best reasons to consider getting facility management software. This is very important for top executives and C-level management since it will help provide a holistic overview of their entire facility and operations. This comes in the form of easy-to-read analytical dashboards that give snapshots of the most pressing situations and the overall health of the facility.

Facility Management Team support

This centralised queue of all the outstanding work orders and asset replacement orders can easily trickle down to the employees themselves.
This also helps the team itself, and most likely helps this team out the most. There is a multitude of ways to track every moving aspect of a facility, from assigning repair and maintenance tickets to including inventory/asset tracking and their end of life timeframes, sending notifications when a replacement is needed. This centralised queue of all the outstanding work orders and asset replacement orders can easily trickle down to the employees themselves.
A facility management software can be designed with an employee view so that they can get notifications when a new task is assigned to them, complete the task, upload proof of completion and receive another task to complete. Scheduling and vacation planning can also occur for better planning and can help employees manage their work effectively while at the same time centralising their workflows in one system.

Expanded role management for IT support teams.

IT managers can also utilise this type of software to control their own asset management such as PC and other IT equipment. They can see where all of their items are throughout the entire building and piggyback off the existing workflow systems for their own teams as well.

Employees within the building

Enhances safety and operational efficiency

With facility management software, the commercial building can be properly maintained which helps improve operational workflows for employees, reducing company costs, while improving company margins. It also ensures that the building is maintained on a safety level which can stave off the potential for liability and safety insurance going up.
There are these and many more reasons why facility management software is exactly what your company needs to bring that visibility and operational efficiency back to your organization
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Denis Ivanov
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