Facility management automation research

Dear facility management expert, we need you knowledge and experience.

ORDIN is expanding to EU. Before we roll-out on your market we need to know it better. We don't trust consulters and marketing reports. We believe that only professionals that work day-to-day on a site knows the way facility should be treated and how CAFM/CMMS software should work.

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Regards, Denis Ivanov
Facility management automation research
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How do you register visitors to your office?
The sink in the WC in your office is broken, how do you or your tenants solve this?
How long does it take to check maintenance works history for a chiller/aircon with names of the servicemen involved and photos of the works result?
What software do you use every day in your office?
Just name titles or type of the software
Describe in a couple of words the most annoying office routine you faced last month
Use language thats youre comfortable with.)
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